Here is where you will find our great variety of cables for all of your electrical needs. We specialize in 12/24v DC cables, alongside our Arctic range of ship to shore cable selection. All of our 12/24v cables are manufactured by Auto Marine in the UK, giving you piece of mind that you are buying quality cables. 

In this section you will find our competitively priced cables for all of your onboard electrical requirements. We hold a good range of Battery cables, all sizes available, and we will cut and deliver any length you require, making it quick, easy and great value for you. We also hold a range of Tinned Battery Cable if this is what you require. 

We also stock a great range of Tinned single, double and 3 core cables, available in metre rates, flat and round options are offered on some of these. We also offer a selection of handy small reels on part of our Tinned Cable range. 

Additionally we carry a comprehensive selection of Non-Tinned cables for you to choose from. Our  range includes 2 core/twin cables, as well as 3 core, 5 core and 7 core options, which should cover any needs you require. Again all cut to the length you require. 

Our selection of Arctic 3 core cables, Blue and yellow both available, should provide you with the option that best suits your needs, again available in the length you require. 

Once you have found the cable that best suits your requirements,  have a look at our selection of cable accessories that will compliment and complete your selection. We stock a wide range of Cable Crimps and Lugs. If you do not see what you need, please contact us, we should be able to find you what you require.