Navigation lights

Having a set of reliable and easily visible navigation lights, is not only absolutely vital, it forms part of maritime law, and as such navigation lights are a must for any boat owner, to allow for safe onboard navigation. The primary function of navigation lighting, is to aid in the prevention of any major accident from happening, all boats, no matter what size, are required to have night lights as part of their navigation system. The three colours used for marine navigation are: Green, Red and White. 

So whether you are looking to replace older navigation lights on your vessel, or are a new boat owner, our range of navigation lights are manufactured by market leading Hella Ltd and will guarantee your piece of mind, knowing they will not let you down when you need them most. They come with a five-year manufacturer warranty for added security. There are some pretty hefty fines potentially if your vessel is not equipped with navigation lights, so save yourself the hassle of getting into trouble, and have a look at our very reasonably priced navigation lights. Please remember that if you do not see exactly what you are looking for on our website, please get in touch, we are an official Hella Ltd stockist, and we should be able to help you with any further requirements you may have. 

Our range of Hella Navigation Lights are available in either a White or a Black finished casing, giving you the option that most suits your vessels requirements aesthetically. We carry Port, Starboard, Stern and Mast lights, all of the range has at least a 3 nautical mile visibility, which will help to keep you the right side of Maritime Law, and you will be visible for all others to see