Water delivery/sanitation hose

Whether you are starting a completely new project on board, or simply overhauling and repairing an existing system, our range of Marine hoses should be exactly what you are looking for. Keeping the plumbing up to date and in good working order, is an absolute must, to avoid any unwanted accidents and incidents whilst out on the water. Its better to get things running perfectly before setting out, rather than having to deal with problems out on the water. 

Our range of marine hoses are from Marine Industry recognised Griflex, and offer great products at great prices, alongside peace of mind that you have chosen the right product for your job. Available in Green and Yellow for water delivery or in White for your waste needs, and in a variety of sizes, we have the marine hose you need for your job. All our hoses are crush resistant, with a smooth inner bore, which gives a fantastic flow rate. All hoses have a great temperature range to suit your every need and requirement.