Circuit protection

All of our Circuit Protection products are supplied by industry leading Auto Marine, which gives you the assurance that this important aspect of Marine electrics will be safely and securely looked after. Of course it is vitally important for you to choose the correct products and ratings for your needs, but once you have ascertained what you need, we should have everything to want to complete your task. 

We can provide many products here including: 

  • Blade Fuses and Blade Fuse Holders 
  • Midi Fuses and Midi Fuse Holders 
  • Mega Fuses 
  • Glass Fuses 
  • Fuse Boxes 
  • Add a circuit fuse protection. 

If you do not see the exact product that you are looking for here, please do get in touch with us and we will endeavour to find the exact items you require.