Sealants Tapes, Adhesives and Lubricants

While you are here, it might be an idea to have a look at our excellent range of sealants, tapes, adhesives and lubricants. We carry a range which should be suitable for most on board applications. Even if you do not require anything at the moment, it is always handy to have a good selection of tapes, sealants and adhesives in your toolbox for those just in case moments. 

How annoying is it, to be halfway through a job, only to find you don’t have the right solution for your adhesive needs? Why not stock up now, here with us? Our reasonably priced range should get you out of any sticking situations you might encounter on board. 

We are happy to stock and supply the fantastic CT1 range of sealants/adhesives. As you are most probably aware, there are any number of sealants available for this job or that job, and it can be very time consuming to trawl through them all to find the right one for your particular job. Well no more trawling! Our CT1 sealants are suitable for every application that you could imagine. Its unique hybrid polymer construction means it will never shrink, and if it never shrinks, its not going to leak. It bonds to all surfaces, is waterproof, and can even be used underwater. What more could you want from a sealant? It also acts as a brilliant adhesive, its anti-vibration technology being ideal for a number of adhesive applications. 

As well as CT1, we carry a range of tapes, from your normal electrical tape, to double coated tape, you should find everything you are looking for here.  Why not pop a couple of rolls into your basket while you are here, for those emergency jobs that crop up?